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Indus Valley Yoga & Retreat Center
Eco, Spiritual, Educational Sanctuary
Green Yoga
Studio, Therapeutic Yoga 
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Indus Valley Yoga & Retreat Center
Indus Valley Yoga & Retreat Center

Where - "Perfection is not required, Perfection is achieved"

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Indus Valley Yoga & Retreat Center
functions as an Eco retreat center for green retreats and workshops. Where nature nurtures the heart & spirits. 

Just 40 miles north of Houston Indus Valley Yoga & Retreat Center is nestled among native Loblolly pines and hardwoods of Piney Woods of East texas. and only a few minutes from W. G. Jones Texas State Forest and Spring Creek Greenway preserve. This peacefulness oasis will replenish, your body, mind and spirit.

While here, you will:
  * Experience nature’s beauty and healing energy. 
* Enjoy organic vegetarian/vegan culinary delights right out of our  
organic gardens. 
* Learn to cook healing vegetarian/vegan food using medicinal spices.
* Learn to live "whol-istic" life style by learning to live sustainably,
peacefully balanced life.
* Enjoy the company of like minded people.
* Gain powerful insights into your true self through our Yoga &
Meditation sessions.
* Experience a magical time as you relax and rejuvenate

The beautiful surroundings are enhanced by healing energy of nature. The relaxing atmosphere with its organic gardens, hammocks, bubbling water fountains, surrounding nature trails and the soft wind chimes sweetly humming in the breeze make for an unforgetable atmosphere of peace and harmony.  Renewal and recreational opportunities await you.
Join us for group retreats or come on your own personal retreat.


Our Mission
The mission of Indus Valley Yoga & Retreat center is to share an environment of simplicity and unique natural beauty to enhance self awareness and well-being through environmental stewardship, animal compassion & contemplative practice.

Our Vision
Indus Valley Yoga & Retreat center is grounded in the sustainability and permaculture principles. Our goal is to promote "Whole-istic" lifestyle. Taking care of people, pets and planet. We welcome people of all faiths and beliefs in their quest for self discovery, environmental stewardship and compassion towards their fellow beings.  

It is
our vision to provide an environment that fosters inner healing, love, and peace through yoga, healthy life style and contemplative
practices. We strive to enhance physical well being, spiritual growth and well-being, both personally and communally, as a path toward universal healing and peace. 

Our mantra -
May peace begin with me


Our Philosophy

Ancient science and philosophy of yoga is based on inter-connectedness of the universe, planet, earth, animals, plants, water and air. Yoga is grounded in the belief that health of our bodies depends on clean air, clean water, and clean food. Yoga teaches ahimsa, or non-violence, non-injury, and non-harming to our self, to other living beings and to the earth herself.  It teaches that living in balance with ourself and our environment is the way to true happiness. To cleanse and heal ourselves we must also cleanse and heal this earth. Our heart, mind and actions should be aligned. The spiritual principles of yoga are actually the ethical principles of living harmoniously with our environment.
Our Green Yoga Initiative 
The "Green" Yoga movement is a way to help us realize that it is our ego that makes us feel that we are separated from the rest of the world and thus makes it easier for us deny our responsibility to sustain our planet. "Green" Yoga is a way to bring our yoga into the world and live harmoniously. We must serve, heal and protect the larger environment as an extension of ourselves if we want to heal and protect our bodies. Honoring the earth is honoring ourselves. Spirituality in yoga helps us to connect with the natural world.  As someone said -
“Don’t be afraid to be outside of the norm; the norm isn’t working.


          Our In-house,  Community  &  International  Projects
               Saving Animals, Saving Planet, Saving Human Dignity

In House Project - Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary
Wagging Tails & Helping Hands
We share our space with "Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary", a Free-range concept where sick and old animals come to recoperate or spend their final days in freedom. It is also where young and injured animals come to heal while waiting to find their New Forever Homes.

Local Community Projects - Yoga Mat Recycling
5 Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Reclaim, Recycle

Our yoga mat recycling program helps disadvantaged communities to get introduced to the health benefits of a yoga practice.

Keeping up with our goal of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" we have initiated a Houston Yoga Mat Recycling program. Your donated gently used yoga mat will be cleaned and refurbished, and then donated to yoga-inspired charities across the United States. Your mat will then be used to teach the less fortunate about the benefits of yoga. There is no limit on how many mats you can donate. Support your local and international yoga communities by donating your gently used yoga mat and help spread the positive message of yoga throughout the world.

Recycling of paper, plastic, and cans is a given. Organic waste is recycled in our compost pile.

International Projects - 
Changing World One Loan at a Time

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