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About The Green Yoga & Retreat Center

Indus Valley Green Yoga studio and day retreat center
is a branch of Indus Valley Sustainable Living Institute. IVY studio or Yog-Shala is the "first" Green Yoga Studio in South East Texas, founded in fall of 2007.

Our Sustainability and "Green Yoga" Program indicates our conscious intention of Ahimsa (Non-Violence) and Good Health for the Practitioners and Planet. We are on a journey to reduce our environmental impact and to honor and care for the earth. We hope you will join us in this journey as a friend, as yoga instructor or as yoga practitioner.

About Our Green Yoga Studio

Our Studio is located in an Energy Efficient "Passive Solar Building"
Energy Saving Program
 - Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs, 
Fans to help reduce AC usage,
Natural Light through Sky Lights and windows.
Water Saving Program - Using Gray water to Water the lawn
Low flow Plumbing System
We will be installing Rain Water Harvesting System soon
Our Future Organic Garden will use Drip Irrigation System
Bringing Green Inside - Non Toxic, No VOC paint, Tile floors, Reclaimed and recycled materials
All natural, Earth Friendly Cleaning Products.
Organic Cotton towels
Practitioner Incentives - Our bike riding and car pooling students get 1 class free for every 10 classes.
Our Karma Yoga (Volunteers) get 1 class free for Every 10 classes.
Our Animal Rescuers and Fosters get one free class evry month.
Our Recycling Program - Yoga Mat Recycling
                                                We recycle our paper, plastic and cans.
Our organic waste goes into composting piles.

About the Land

Our 1-1/2 acre land is designed using Sustainability and Permaculture Principles. From the moment you enter the gates you see sustainability in action. From our crushed concrete driveway, organic gardens and gray water sprinkler system to the Ike downed tree trunk that is being used as seats around the natural fire pits, you will feel in communion with the natural healthy environment.
No pollution zone means that no polluting vehicle enters the property. Hammocks welcome tired visitors while birds and wind chimes sing in the soft wind. The outside meditation area helps practitioners to let go. Students can relax in front of an outdoor fireplace or any number of fountains around the property.

About the Studio

The studio itself is located in an energy efficient Passive Solar building.  The wall of glass windows not only let in the natural light, but bring the beautiful outdoors in also. Skylights let the sun warm up the space. Energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs bathe the studio in gentle light when needed. No VOC paint means you can breathe easy. Our floors are tiled from tiles that were destined for the land fill. No mold or mildew lingering here. The studio is cleaned using non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaners. Our low flow taps and toilets conserve precious water. Favorite among all visitors is our toilet tank lid sink which uses the water for hand washing (of course with non toxic natural soap) before flushing.
Our yoga mats are made of traditional woven cotton or natural rubber without any harmful chemicals. Only environmentally friendly personal yoga mats are allowed in the studio. Unhealthy PVC containing yoga mats are not allowed to keep the environment of the studio clean from harmful gases.
Plastic water bottles are also not allowed in the studio. We encourage reusable aluminum or stainless steel bottles. Water is provided in glass bottles and ceramic jar at the studio with glass tumblers for drinking.

About the Outdoors Facilities
Several outdoor spaces are available for group discussions, outdoor workshops or for a peaceful yoga practice under the yoga was meant to be.
About the Teaching Kitchen
We have outdoor teaching kitchen and dining room that also doubles as a wonderful casual setting to conduct sessions and group activity.

About the Solar Cooker

Our Parabolic solar cooker is admired by our guests as it cooks aromatic healthy meals with only the SUN's rays.


About the Organic Vegitable Chakra n Mandala Garden

Most of our meals are made from organic vegetables that come directly from our garden. Guests are encouraged to play in the dirt in the garden and experince oneness with nature.



About the Labrynth

Walk the garden labrynth or sit and watch butterflies search for nectar. Its a great space to sit and contemplate on the natural world.

About the Circle
Our outdoor circular class room sits under the trees. Instead of chairs you will find tree trunks for sitting. Surrounded by nature learning is never boring here.
Its a great place to have group activities or discussions.






About the Outdoor Movie/Presentations

We have an outdoor movie theatre that is very popular for movie nights. For late evening presentations under the stars we spread out on the grass on picnic blankets.  For cooler evenings, we enjoy a bon fire and the hot chocolate bar.

About the Fire Pit & Fire Place

We have two areas to enjoy warmth of a fire during cool evenings. Have a bonfire in our fire pit or sit comfortably around a fireplace.



About the Hammocks and Fountains


There are many hammocks and fountains scattered throughout the property for the guests to relax or just hang out.



About the Pool
Our above ground pool and deck is a popular place for guests to relax and feel refreshed.
About the Outoor shower

Our outdoor shower attracts many people in the Summer months to experience bathing under the heavens.  Waste water from showers is used for watering the surrounding garden.  Only organic soaps are allowed.

About the Outdoor Composting Toilet

The outdoor composting toilet is a novelty of interest among our guests. As we divert organics and high nutrients from our water supply and landfills we help other creatures on this planet from getting destroyed due to environmental impact of these organics in the water system. 


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